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Obituary for Donna K. Grimshaw

On her 60th birthday, June 9th, 2023 at 1:01pm Donna Kathleen Grimshaw - daughter of Antoinette Marie Capazzi and Frederick Joseph Grimshaw - passed away with her devoted husband, Theo Kaplita, and their loving children, Jazzy and Teddy Kaplita by her side, until her last breath. She did not pass with any pain.

Early Thursday morning of May 25th, 2023 on her way to work, Donna suffered a health emergency to where her heart stopped. She was down for too long before someone found her and got help. They brought her back, twice but, unfortunately she had suffered too much oxygen depravity to the brain while she was down. With so many friends and family visiting her at Stony Brook Hospital for two weeks with no signs of improvement and her health continuing to go down, as a family, we then made the extremely difficult decision to fulfill her verbal living wish of not keeping her alive by machines and tubes.

Donna was a vibrant, empathetic, beautiful person. She loved and cared for everyone, even people who didn’t quite deserve it. She was always putting others above herself. Always thinking of the little things to make people feel special. She was an amazing role model to have.
Lover of Chinese auctions, bingo, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, the BBC, her books on tape, old time classic radio stories and of course her doggo Frankie Bobby.

She was an extraordinary women with so many family and friends who loved and adored her. Non of our lives will be the same without her but, we will live on keeping her memory alive every day until our last.