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Obituary for Joseph Costanza

I would like to say thank you to everyone who has come to pay tribute and show love to my father in memorial of him and supporting my family in this sad time. It is with a heavy and broken heart that we are here today.

My father was battling medical issues for a long time and while he fought a good fight, he was tired. I have watched him fight and struggle day in and day out. While I thought he was ok, little did I know that he was slowly dying. As of last week, January 19th, 2021 it came as a total shock to my family and I that he did not have too much longer on this earth, a month to be exact. This was also the day of my debut for She Does Credit, and it was a huge hope of mine that he could see and be proud of me. I am so shocked to be here with you all today.

To know that nothing else could be done, and he was trying to keep on absolutely devastated us. The last time I physically saw my father before he went to the hospital was the day after Christmas. I remember buckling him in the car and said, “I love you, Dad. I’ll see you later.” He looked at me, and little did I know that was the last time he would be here.

My father was a man of God, strong, a provider, so intelligent and smart. There wasn’t a thing that he couldn’t fix, a problem he couldn’t solve. He was known for being a gentleman, kind, easy going, loving, he had a sense of humor that would make you laugh until your stomach hurt. He loved the Lord and was a true gentleman and provider. One of our last conversations was me getting ready to start a family, now I’ll be naming my first child after him.

Dad, I had no idea that you were suffering that bad. I’m glad that we made our peace and you told me that you loved me with the last bit of strength that you had. You know that I fought for you and would do it a million times over. I prayed so hard until I didn’t have any energy left. But I cannot question God’s will. One of our last moments was me showing you one of my episodes…you tried to keep your eyes open and was beaming ear to ear. I just wanted you to be proud of me.

My mother exudes strength like the true queen that she is. She stayed true to her vows til the very end….in sickness and in health, and until death do us part. We’ve taken so many losses in our family this year, I don’t know how she does it. My mom is a true rider, and beautiful inside and out. To my sister, Christina, I will always be here for you and have your back. To my mom and Christina, I will always be here and have your back…always and forever.

Dad, if it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be who I am today. You taught me so much….you’re the reason I’m so goal oriented and work so hard today. I’ve watched you work and learn more to perfect your craft for years. It’s truly an honor to be your daughter and carry your name. After all, like Mom says, “she’s a Costanza!” And I am so proud. I’m glad you got to hear me say that.

I will certainly miss all of our talks, your phone calls asking me how I am and who I’m with lol, what time I’ll be home and to call you t let you know I got in safe and ok, your jokes, me asking your opinion on certain things. You yelling when you got excited or shouting at a game *insert Mike Tyson fight reference*. You waking me and mom up and ordering food in the middle of the night like it was a diner lol.

Your favorite holiday was Christmas… you would make it snow today. You played Santa and went on a sleigh every year for the company. You made little Christina’s day every time pretending to be Santa until she found it was you and wanted to basically fight you

Dad, you raised me to be independent and to be authentically myself. Yet, I was so spoiled. Spoiled with love and care. One things for sure and two for certain, I always had a home and a loving, supportive family to come home too. Thank you for everything. You are no longer in pain or suffering, Dad. I will always be “petunia” and “schmogie #2” (I have n o idea where he came up with those nicknames but hey).

It was my Dad’s wish to pass peacefully in his home, and I’m so grateful he got his wish. Even though it wasn’t even 13 hours he was there, he passed peacefully in his sleep with a smile on his face that makes my heart assured. With my mother and myself beside him sleeping, he passed how he wanted to. Full of love and his family right beside him. When I finally fell asleep, I woke up not even 3 hours later to find him passed away. After days and weeks of not sleeping, I couldn’t keep my eyes open anymore. I was on the phone asking about him actually and fell asleep on a FaceTime call. I can imagine he wanted it that way to not hurt us.

Thank you to everyone who has been there for my family and I. This definitely isn’t east, and I am in the grieving process. I thought I had more time, but will not questions God’s timing and I know my Daddy is no longer in pain or suffering. God had other plans.

I will always love you, the first man I’ve ever loved. I love you Joseph Anthony Costanza. Rest In Peace, until we meet again my angel.

Joseph Anthony Costanza
August 25, 1948- January 22, 2021

Joseph Anthony Costanza was born in Manhattan, NY to Joseph and Eleanor Costanza on August 25th, 1948. The oldest of 5 siblings- Michael, Andrew, Christopher, and Maria. They moved to West Babylon, NY when Joseph was a teenager and West Babylon is where they marked home. In 1970, Joseph started working for Estee Lauder where he met his wife, JoAnn. They wed in 1975 and had two beautiful daughters, Christina and Elissa. Both Joseph & JoAnn worked at Estee Lauder for over 43 years. Joe can be remembered lovingly as “Jody” by his family, and as a man who loved the Lord, was a hard worker, smart, intelligent, easy going, could fix anything, funny, loving, and loved his Oldsmobile's. Joe left mark on all who knew and loved him. Being sick for a while, Joe is no longer suffering and is at peace with the Lord.